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What Makes Us Unique:

A Rigorous STEAM Education

  • A focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math to prepare students for college and career.

  • Advanced classes to support students in meeting and exceeding state standards.

  • Individualized intervention to close academic gaps.

  • Enrichment to accelerate students' learning.

Technology Class
Teenage Students Raising Hands

A Joyful Culture of High Expectations

  • Consistent routines and procedures to maximize student learning.

  • Weekly celebrations to recognize students and build community.

  • Uniforms to eliminate distractions and keep students focused.

  • Character education to help students build skills for life-long success.

Family & Community Partnerships

  • Family and community input to support the design and growth of the school.

  • Clear, consistent communication to involve families and keep them informed.

  • Regular engagement events to promote collaboration between the school, community, and families.

Group Planting a Tree
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